Adnan Sami’s 2 year old daughter fixes grumpy mood of Music composer A.R.Rahman

It so happened that Adnan Sami’s 2-year-old daughter Madina got to hold on her dad’s phone and accidentally facetimed the Maestro A.R.Rahman while he was composing at his studio in London.

Adnan Sami took Twitter to share this incident and wrote “Haha!! Ok… Time to put passwords on all phones & ipads etc… My Little Medina took my phone & ‘FaceTimed’ @arrahman & had a cute chat with him while he was in London recording the score for the film ‘2.0’ @2Point0movie !! He even showed her his studio!! Adorable!” But this didn’t stop here as Sir, A.R.Rahman took the twitter and the time to see this and replied to it “Dear Adnan ..her Facetime call fixed my grumpy mood ..thanks Medina ..May the Almighty reward you Generously.”

Well, just like us, their fans too found this incident really cute and couldn’t stop writing about their thoughts on it.

For now Academy Award Winner Music Composer A.R.Rahman is currently busy in London working on the scores of 2.0, which releases on 29th November 2018 and this will certainly be his next project where is magic is going to be heard.