Amitabh Bachchan finally reacts on #MeToo

#MeToo, has been going on in the Bollywood industry for some time now and many actresses have come up with their stories about it openly. Whereas many people are in support with them, many also are opposing. But mainly the eyes are stuck to the big names in Bollywood and their reaction to this.

Recently during the promotion of Thugs of Hindostan movie when actor Amitabh Bachchan was asked about the case of Tanushree Dutta blaming on Nana Patekar for harassment, he replied saying that, “neither he is Tanushree Dutta nor Nana Patekar”, which was a really disappointing reaction to be given by him.

But recently on his birthday, he took Twitter to share his interview link on #MeToo which said “No woman should ever be subjected to any kind of misbehavior, or disorderly conduct; especially at her workplace. Such acts should immediately be brought to the notice of concerned authorities, and corrective measures be taken, either through filing complaints or a recourse to law. Discipline and civic, social and moral curriculum, should be adopted at a very early educational level.

He had also added “Women children and the weaker sections of our society are the most vulnerable. They need to be under special protective care. It has been most heartening to
see women representations in most work vocations, on the increase in our country. It would be an irreparable blemish if we are not able to provide them the welcome they deserve and the dignity of the security of their presence.”