Rs.1, charged from Nandita Das for doing Shahdat Hasan Manto, biopic.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is known for his choice of movies and dedication he gives to roles that he does, had his recent release Manto where his work is again being praised and audience is just loving it.

Some recent report suggested that the actor took only Rs. 1 for this role. So during the promotion of Manto when he was asked about it, he not only confirmed the news but also added “When I was briefed about the film and especially about the character, I felt he thinks a lot like me. I also think the same way but I do not have courage like him. I thought if I would charge from Nandita to put up my thoughts and ideas through Manto, nothing else will give me higher guilt than this. But since I am a professional actor, I charged one rupee which, by the way, she hasn’t paid me yet. I can still say that she owes me money,”

Looks like the actor is really touched by Manto’s life and so he made the presence feel on screen. Looking forward to have some more quality films from the actor.